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The good news is that Rochefort AHS has an active Alumni Association and a data base of over 250 alumni. We continue to search for the other approximately 300 alumni who attended Rochefort during its short existence from 1953-58. It's not necessary to have graduated from RAHS to be a member of the Alumni Association. Membership is open to anyone who ever attended as a student, served on the faculty or as a dorm supervisor. Add your name to our directory today!

Bill Meserve '57

Lance Burris '57, president

Bill Ross-'57: Immediate Past President

Ginny Perez Torchia-year: 1st Vice President

Carol Harth Salick-year: 2nd Vice President

Clara Reynolds-'58: Treasurer

Charlotte Lantz Abbott: Déjà vu Editor/Publisher

(1) Houston, TX 1984

(2) New Orleans, LA 1985

(3) Milford, CT 1990

(4) Dallas, TX 1993

(5) Kansas City, KS 1994

(6) Washington, DC 1996

(7) Rochefort, France 1998

(8) Seattle, WA 2000

(9) Portland, ME 2003

(10) ElDorado, AR 2004 By Class of 1954's 50th

(11) San Antonio, TX 2005

(12) Port St. Joe, FL by Class of 1956's 50th

(13) Santa Maria, CA 2007

(14) Pinehurst, NC 2009

(15) Reno, NV 2011

(16) Indianapolis, IN 2013

(17) Philadelphia, PA 2015

(18) Santa Rosa, CA 2017

(19) Greenboro, NC 2019

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Gone But Not Forgotten
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Napa, CA
Watch for the latest information in the Déjà vu or in the mail

Stay tuned for information about mini-reunion at an Eastern seaboard location of docking of l'Hermione, a replica of the frigate being built in Rochefort to commemorate LaFayette's journey to the US Colonies to advise the Colonists the French were coming to their aid to fight the British."

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